Food from scratch- the rationale

When conveniently packaged, long-lasting and reasonably priced products are available on supermarket shelves, what is the point of creating them in your own kitchen, you might ask? There are a number of  very good reasons why you might consider cutting out the middle man and working with the raw ingredients.

  1. It’s healthier
  2. You can save some dollar
  3. All your friends will think that you are really cool*

Worthy as they are, these are not the reasons why I can be found at 3am with my hands in a vat of fermenting cabbage. The truth is that I would far rather eat myself to death, impoverished and friendless with nothing but a pie for company, so long as the pie was really good.

Meat pie
A pie to die for- in the public domain via Pixabay

That last statement should give you an insight into the real reasons behind my pursuit of food from scratch

  1. When it works it tastes sensational
  2. It’s genuine fun

I believe that cooking should be done for the sheer love of it, or at least for the love of eating it. So if food from scratch terrifies you, there is no shame in a ready meal and a different hobby, but for those of you up for the challenge of getting messy, creating havoc in your kitchen or trying something new, then read on. Here’s to our next food adventure!

*DISCLAIMER: This very much depends on your friends and the shortcomings of your personality.

Featured Image: Artsy bowls of raw ingredients. The nail scissors make an enigmatic addition. Image in the public domain via Pixabay

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