Golden rules for DIY cookery

1. Love your spreadsheets

Or sticky labels, or leather bound notebooks etc. Whatever your chosen MO you will need to keep meticulous records of your  culinary creations, or you will end up resorting to a taste test.  Keeping good records will also allow you to improve mediocre methods  or repeat excellence.

2. Add more salt

Because taste is more important than cardiovascular health

3. Sterilisation

A dirty word in social intervention, but essential in the food from scratch workflow.

4. Free up dark spaces

The corners of every cupboard in your house will soon be crammed with Tupperware.

5. It’s a long haul

Whilst some goods, like peanut butter, can be whipped up in a matter of minutes, a lot of DIY cookery takes time. Pontack sauce for example is supposed to be left for 7 years. Prepare to wait.

6. Sell your soul to Kilner

If you pursue food from scratch then you will inevitably bankrupt yourself with glassware. Alternatively develop an appetite for rummaging around in charity shops.

7. Try everything once

Because you never know where your next taste sensation will come from.

8. Try some things only once

This for me is the most important point on this list. An unfortunate experience with pickled dandelion in my zealous youth taught me that just because you can eat something, it doesn’t mean you should. Some foodstuffs are not misunderstood, they are just disgusting.

Featured Image: Lots of jam. In the public domain via Pixabay

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  1. Dan says:

    A brief note on jars – jars full of jam often cost less than empty jars (because jam seems to have negative value). So you can save a lot of money on glassware by just buying loads of jam.

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    1. Very true! The minds behind the supermarkets are a mystery to me. But hey, who doesn’t like an excuse to make more jam roly poly.


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